The Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) with funding support from the European Union, invites suitable persons/organisations to submit proposal submission documents as outlined in the terms of reference (TOR) to provide Media and Communication Training Support.

The main aim of this programme is Capacity Building to strengthen Barbadian Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to effectively design and engage in Public Advocacy Campaigns.

Barbadian Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) play a critical role as checks and balances within a democratic society, holding government accountable to key social and economic issues affecting the populace. However they also face many organizational issues such as: lack of trained personnel in Advocacy and Communication, among others.  CMC has sought to address these issues by undertaking training and an advocacy media campaign via a programme entitled “Strengthening Capacity of Barbadian Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to effectively design and engage in public advocacy campaigns, 2019 to 2021”.

CMC is looking for experienced person(s) / organisation(s) who has suitable experience and a keen interest in helping to build the capacity of Barbadian CSOs. For full details on the position and programme, please download the complete terms of reference (TOR) document.

For full details on the position and how to apply, please download the complete terms of reference (TOR) document and accompanying submission templates, found below.

Deadline for the submission of proposal documents should be received by midnight on April 15th 2020.  

Download Video Trainer Terms of Reference

Download Video Trainer Training Methodology Template

Download ANNEX II Budget Template


Phone: +1 (246) 467-1004