Caribbean-in-1o is ten minutes in duration, covering the top regional current affairs and sports headlines. (Weekdays at noon)

Caribbean Newsline is an extended 30-minute newscast which provides in-depth coverage of each day’s top regional current affairs, news and sports events and stories. (Weekdays at 18:30 ect, repeats at 22:00)

Our programming offering include ‘LIVE’ carnival coverage, in partnership with regional television stations like CBC TV 8 in Barbados, ABS TV in Antigua, and Synergy TV in Trinidad.

Highlights and coverage of cricket, football, beach volleyball and other sports are readily available on this channel.

Caribbean Passport, Caribbean Vibrations and We Cookin are some of our lifestyle programmes offering viewers a glimpse into island life, our numerous cultures and, of course, how we cook.

The Caribbean is known for its party culture, whether its Mobay in Jamaica, Second Street in Barbados or Smokey & Bunty’s in Trinidad, our weekly entertainment shows give viewers an almost firsthand experience which they will enjoy.