Video Spotlight: Crystal Reid ‘The Reality Is’

Crystal Reid is a wife to one, a mother of two, a sister, and a friend. She is also a singer, performer, business owner, songwriter, and most importantly, lover of God. Born on the beautiful island of Jamaica, Crystal grew up in St. Catherine but moved to Kingston at age 17.

She has been singing since the age of two and did her first real performance at the tender age of twelve, while at her grade six graduation at the White Marl Primary and Junior High School. She considers herself a product of purpose, greatness, and love. This is because she has passed through so many ABCs (Abused, Belittlement, and chastisement) in life, that the only reason she is still standing is because of God’s grace. Due to the abuse, she suffered as a youth growing up in Jamaica, Crystal decided to start a charitable organization by the name CKR Ministries. This
organization focuses on helping abused and victimized youths in Jamaica. Through this charity endeavor, Crystal managed to raise over 1.3 million JMD for a heart surgery, housed a few, and most recently assisted one university student with a back-to-school scholarship of $140,000JMD.

Crystal is a missionary at the Beulah Church of Jesus Christ Apostolic located in Alberta, Canada, where she currently is a part of the music and praise and worship team/department. Music plays a key role in Crystal’s life as it helps her to release stress, remain calm through any situation, and draw her closer to God. Most of her music is a testament to what God has brought her through and what He is currently doing in her life. Her discography includes collaborations with Keesa Peart with the track “I’m not giving up”, DJ Nicholas with “Power”, “Fight my
battles for me, Lord, with Jai Kingston, Jumu Grant and Noreta Lewis-Prince with “Blessings”.

Most recently Crystal released the audio version of ‘The Reality Is’ in March of 2022. This is to be followed by a music video to be released in October 2022. Crystal has released her first debut album which is entitled “Thank you Lord.” In May 2018. She is currently working on the second album to be released sometime in the very near future. This second album will be featuring phenomenal talents such as Dr. Nadine Blair and the perpetual praise and others. Crystal is also in the process of writing her first book that depicts some of the real-life struggles, she faced growing up as a youth in Jamaica – much more details to come.

This is what Crystal Reid has to say about her career as a recording artist to date: I started recording for my own benefit and gratification; however, the Lord told me this is not the case and that this will be used to glorify HIM alone. I am an oracle for Jesus Christ and will continue to lift up the blood-stained banner as I spread the good news.