MTV Shuga Season 6

It’s been a long time coming but #MTVShugaNaija is returning to your television screens. Watch the official promo to find out more.

We’ve been counting down the days until MTV Shuga Naija makes its long-awaited comeback. After an exciting season in South Africa (MTV Shuga: Down South) we are now ready to return to a country that has always shown us tons of love, but be warned: Nothing stays the same this time around.

As you may know from our announcements last year, MTV Shuga Season 6 (AKA MTV Shuga Naija) will be taking place in Nigeria and four familiar faces will be returning to the storyline. Tobi (Timini Egbuson), Leila (Jemima Osunde), Princess (Sharon Ezeamaka) and Weki (Olumide Oworu) are all familiar with the #Shugafam but they won’t be alone this year. We also recruited some of the most exciting actors in Nigeria to make this season bigger than ever before including household names like Rahama Sadau and fresh talents such as Sharon Jatto; all of whom are ready to make their mark as they join Africa’s hottest drama series.

In case you missed it: Get to know the new MTV Shuga Naija cast members here. 

This year’s storyline will be packed with more action than ever. From young mothers who have to make tough decisions to look out for their children, to daring characters who will do anything to see their dreams come true. But what happens when the choices they make land them up in even more trouble than they could have imagined?

Along with the changes to the cast and the storyline, we’ll be taking MTV Shuga Naija further than ever before. While continuing our adventures in Lagos, we will also be exploring the north of Nigeria for the first time ever as the story unravels in ways you could have never imagined.

It’s going to be a bumpy ride and we need every member of the #Shugafam with us for each episode. MTV Shuga Naija is officially back. Watch the show on CaribVision every Wednesday night at 8:30pm (ect) / 7:30pm (jca).