Nevis Culturama 44 Media Launch

Culturama…Nevis’ premier festival is a unique celebration of the most significant milestone in the island’s history, the emancipation of slaves in the 1830s.

It is a 12-day focus on all aspects of Nevisian arts and culture featuring:

  • Senior/Junior KAISO Contests
  • Miss Culture Queen Pageant/Talented Youth Pageant
  • Miss Swimwear Pageant/Mr. Kool Show
  • Ms. Caribbean Culture Queen Pageant
  • Cultural Street Fair, Emancipation Day Jump-up
  • Grand Cultural Parade and Display on Culturama Tuesday

and other activities leading-up to and spanning the entire month of July.

The media launch was held on Friday, April 20th and kicked off the culturama season which runs for the entire month of July.