Newsline Business (February 13)

The Canadian Market registered the strongest performance in regional tourism in 2018.

The Caribbean Tourism Organsation says it recorded 3.9 million visitors from Canada.

Acting Director of Research, Ryan Skeete says this was due mainly to the country’s strong economic performance and increased seat capacity to the region.


Now to take a look at some trends in the Agriculture sector.

Changing consumer tastes have led to a decline in rice production in Trinidad.

Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambarrat says there has been a sharp decline 21,000 metric tonnes in 1992 to o less than 1,000 tonnes in 2017.

He told a Parliamentary Joint Select Committee on state enterprises this week that consumers now seem to prefer parboiled rice.


Potato farmers in Belize say they could lose thousands of dollars in investments and a crop of red potatoes could go to waste.

That’s because white potatoes imported recently from Mexico are still on the local market.

But the Agriculture Minister has been seeking to calm their fears.