Newsline Entertainment (February 15)

Sixteen artistes will do battle in Trinidad, in the International Soca Competition March 1st 

Eight performers were chosen last weekend to compete in the Groovy International Soca Monarch and the Power International Soca Monarch.

One of the most popular tunes, Run with It, by Grenadian Mr Killa, prompted a warning from the police after people began picking up other people’s belongings when the song is being played and, you guessed it, running with it.


Preparations are well underway for this year’s Reggae Festival in Barbados.

Organisers anticipate a huge turnout this year, because of the main attraction, Buju Banton on April 27.

Promoter Al Gilkes of FAS productions, says the popular Reggae on the Hill will not be staged this year, to accommodate Buju’s Long Walk to Freedom concert.


The weekend of April 27 will also see the staging of the Tobago Jazz Festival.

Chairman of the Tobago Festivals Commission says they will also have to compete with the Jamaica carnival, but he is confident that their strong marketing campaign will reap many benefits for Tobago Jazz.