Rebirth: Dominica

In the Producer’s words [Yuri A. Jones]:

“This is my third time lapse short film – REBIRTH: Dominica.

With this film I attempted to capture Dominica’s recovery after Hurricane Maria.  Mother Nature destroys but she also gives life, and this video showcases our [Dominica’s] ‘rebirth’ and the resurgence of the lush natural cover that Dominica is widely known for.

The film also features the lyrics and performance of singer/songwriter Golda. Her words underscore the destructive impact of the hurricane and graduates into the magnificent resilience of our people.”

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About the Producer

Yuri A. Jones is a landscape and nature photographer from Dominica. He recently published a photo-book entitled “Majestic and Magical: Come Explore the Nature Isle” that features more than 130 images of his beautiful homeland, Dominica, also known as the Nature Island of the Caribbean.