Video spotlight: Eddy Grant releases new single ‘True To You’

With an international music career spanning more than fifty years filled with world chart-topping songs, sold-out tours and awards, global superstar, Eddy Grant, releases the first single, ‘True To You’ from his upcoming album, ‘Plaisance’, schedule for release later this year.

True To You’ is the perfect blend of Grant’s classic signature vocal style and storytelling with Caribbean-fused pop music that makes you want to get on the dance floor and move your hips. ‘True To You’ also introduces us to Eddy Grant, the rapper, a talent most Grant fans will be unaware he even had, but pleasantly surprised to now know. But this type of fusion has long been a gift of the multi-platinum selling Grant.

Always connected to the sounds and trends in current commercial music, Grant has consistently managed to add those ingredients to his own sound to create charttopping smashes. From his days in his band, The Equals, Grant’s ability to bring every groove and genre into his
Caribbean music and make the sound palatable to the world is unparalleled. Fearless in his approach to making music and rebellious in allowing anyone to pigeonhole his sound, Grant, through his slew of hit records bridging decades, loyal fans worldwide, and ownership of the masters to every song he has ever written or recorded, has proven he’s allowed to do as he pleases. ‘True To You’ is out now and
available worldwide.

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