50th Antigua Sailing Week starts April 29

The advent of the 50th edition of Antigua Sailing Week has given event organisers an opportunity to look at its first 50 years and review the old traditions to see how some of them can be re- incorporated into the event.

As a result, the strapline for this year’s event is “Old Traditions, New Ways.”

The 50th edition is now the perfect time to bring back – in a new way –everyone’s favourite event, the Dickenson Bay Beach Bash.

Expect to find all the favourite parts of the Dickenson Bay Beach Bash, including beach vendors, live music and some in and on the water fun. The new twist is that the beach bash is being used as a bridge between Antigua Sailing Week and the inaugural Antigua to Bermuda Race.

It will, therefore, take place on Sunday May 7, 2017 – the day after Dockyard Day –  and be the perfect celebration to draw the weeklong 50th Antigua Sailing Week to a close.

The day will celebrate Antiguan food, culture and music. It will start at 2 p.m. and run through to 10 p.m. All of the properties and businesses along the beach will be included from Coconut Grove right down to the Rex Halcyon Hotel.

Whether you are heading to the beach by car, by taxi, by foot or by boat, everyone needs to join the celebration and welcome back the Dickenson Bay Beach Bash to the annual calendar.

People interested in vending should also contact the Ministry of Tourism.

Meantime, Antigua Sailing Week has more than 140 boats entered into the competition, which takes place on Apr. 29 to May 7.

For continuous updates on the event be sure to visit our website  www.sailingweek.com regularly.